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The Wellington Rugby Supporters Club

Being a player and a stayer,
Who always backs up strongly,
Who is not afraid to tackle and lower the biggest beer,
Who will not get a tight head,
Who will not pass out…

This short motto emblazoned on the club membership card encompasses just a small part of what the club is about.

In the Wellington rugby scene WRSC has been an integral part and, like the rugby, has developed and formed it own niche in the community.

The encouragement of Wellington rugby is first and foremost our role.

Starting at the top, the club has unashamedly been totally loyal to the Wellington Lions teams over the years. Whether in Wellington or around the many grounds of New Zealand (and even some overseas grounds) our support base have been in attendance.

Our club mascot, Leo the Lion, is the most recognizable mascot in rugby in NZ and his presence (albeit sometimes illegally i.e. in Auckland) has put a face to the WRSC.

Leo, as a mascot still has an important role to play even in these times of professional rugby.

But support is not confined to just the A’s.

Over the many years the WRSC have shown support down the lower grades, women's rugby and golden oldies social rugby. Raising sponsorships for various teams enabling them to be kitted out smartly the WRSC provides back up for such teams.

Our former clubrooms at Athletic Park, built by members of the club, were constantly used for aftermatch functions, barbecues, meetings and many other social occasions. Teams and officials alike  utilised the clubrooms as an ideal base for gatherings and, whilst we are without clubrooms since Wellington Rugby moving to the Stadium, we still maintain a strong core of regular supporters who meet at the Waterloo Bar & Grill on regular occasions.

Entertaining the fellow rugby supporters throughout the years has been the key motivation behind the club success. Our previous clubrooms were a haunt of many a great celebrations throughout its era. Players and supporters from visiting teams would be welcome with open arms, either for a few refreshment (sometimes even a lot of refreshments). Chatting and discussing the game we all love, rugby.

And once the final whistle was blown win lose or draw the rivalry of the day would be set aside and together supporters would band together to celebrate or commiserate with one another.

Players would meet and mingle with supporters and longtime friendships have emerged through the contact with local and visiting players alike.

So in years to come while things might change, one thing is constant, the WRSC, we might not be as visible as previous years but we are and always will be behind Wellington.